Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The application fee in its many forms

On the Uncommon Application, you can only pay your application fee after you have submitted your application. This means that sometimes students are unaware before they submit their applications of the payment options available to them . So, let me tell you about them.

  1. The application fee is $60. This is true whether you are applying by paper, online, or carrier pigeon. It can be paid by check or credit card.

  2. The application fee can be waived by international and domestic applicants alike. Usually applicants will send in:
    • their SAT fee waiver form, or other documentation that says their SAT fee was waived, or
    • the NACAC fee waiver form, available from your counselor and on our online application (though only after you have submitted the application). This form must be filled out by your counselor.

  3. The application fee is automatically waived for the following populations:
    • Students with a parent who is an alum of the University of Chicago
    • Students in the Chicago Public Schools
    • Students in schools marked as part of our Small School Talent Search, or SSTS program. If your school is small and in the middle of nowhere, then you may be in the SSTS program. Your counselor will know if you are part of the SSTS program.