Wednesday, July 26, 2006

RSS feeds and podcasts from across the university

I just stumbled upon a website of ours, a kind of clearinghouse for RSS feeds , plus video and audio podcasts from departments all over the university. I'm always looking for means to convey the bold intellectual atmosphere that characterizes this place, and, by George, I think I've found a way!

Click here to browse our RSS feeds.

Some of my favorites, or just some things I want to brag about:

  • The Poem Present feed, with audio and video. The Poem Present program brings poets to campus weekly and supports student poetry, classes, and workshops. Poets come from around the world to read on our campus.
  • The Beckner-Posner Blog. This was a pretty obvious pick. Written by an (incredibly famous, Nobel prize-winning) economics professor and a (incredibly famous, oft-quoted) law professor, this is one of the most well-known blogs to come out of the University of Chicago.
  • The World Beyond the Headlines Series. This series brings international journalists and scholars to campus to talk about international issues and how they are portrayed in the media. Also check out the Latin American Briefing Series and the Human Rights Distinguished Lecturer Series, both sponsored by International House and both available on the link above.
  • The University of Chicago Press Blog. What University of Chicago-ite doesn't love books! This blog features all of our new books, including excerpts and short reviews.
  • Research at Chicago audio and video podcasts. Interviews with and lectures by researchers at the University of Chicago. Interested in researching as an undergraduate? Check out the FROGS website.
  • Mind Online. Gives concrete evidence of minds at work for our alumni, who sometimes feel starved for intellectual life after they leave the quads. Or maybe I just like it because that Bill T. Jones lecture was amazing.