Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Back from Thanksgiving

The office is back from our few short days of vacation, and we're reading reading reading and scanning scanning scanning. We have 3,041 early applications this year, up about 10 percent from last year. The Maroon did an article on the increase.

Most of the applications in the office are complete right now and being read. We are working to find documents for incomplete applications. At this point, please do not re-send any materials that you see marked as "not received" on the credentials checking site. We still have some things to sort through. We will email everyone whose application remains incomplete.

Fear not, your early action status is not in jeopardy if your application is still incomplete. We will do everything we can to complete your application and get it read for the early action cycle.

And remember, this year we will be emailing early action decisions as well as sending paper mail. I'm designing the decision emails right now. Any suggestions?

Also, the women's basketball team made it into the top 25, and women's cross country is ranked 19 -- check out the athletics website here.