Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Taste of Chicago Science on November 18

For students in the area, the alumni club is having a day of science.

Get a taste of the science research and teaching going on at Chicago in this day-long series of lectures from four of the University’s most engaging and accessible scientists. Physicist Sidney Nagel will discuss several familiar phenomena that are so ubiquitous that we hardly realize they defy our normal intuition in “Physics at the Breakfast Table;” evolutionary biologist Michael Coates will explore the fossil record to present the monstrous precursors of the shark in “Jaws: The Early Years;” cosmologist Rocky Kolb will talk about the mysterious dark matter and dark energy that make up 95 percent of the universe in “The Dark Side of the Universe;” and marine biologist Michael LaBarbera will tell the strange and curious story of how blue-green algae evolved into chloroplasts that were subsequently traded and lost by various organisms in “How the World Became Green.”

The price is $35 and includes a yummy breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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