Thursday, October 12, 2006

Early action applicants - request those interviews!

Early action applicants have until Saturday to make their alumni interview requests. To request one, just log into the online application, click "Request an alumni interview," and follow the directions (which mainly consist of clicking "Save"). If you have an interview, you are under no obligation to apply, and you do not have to turn in your application before you make your request, or before you are interviewed. When you request an interview you should get an email within the next two days, confirming your request. So far only about four or five percent of all requests have gone unmatched (normally because the student lives in an area with no alumni volunteers.) Over a thousand students have requested interviews.

Regular notification applicants can also request interviews, now until December 15.

Because we've been having problems with our emailing program, we haven't yet sent out the promised email to students who have filled out a Basic Information Form on how to request interviews. We hope those emails will go out today or tomorrow. If not, we may extend the deadline.

Also, students may have noticed that the credential checking feature is not yet available. Early action applicants can click "Check credentials" on November 1 and see the documents we've received in our office. This is the first year that we are reading applications entirely on computer screens. Once we work out the final kinks in scanning and linking documents, we should be able to start scanning in credentials, and we will make the credential checking feature available.

That reminds me: Do not staple!