Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Biggest Program Ever

We just closed registration for our upcoming Columbus Day Open House, which promises to be the Biggest Program Ever. We have about 530 students confirmed, so perhaps 800 or 900 guests. Luckily, not everyone who registers for these events shows up. Otherwise, it would be utter pandemonium.

To prepare, we're printing up class visit lists, carefully vetted with professors, and stickers for each individual class, so that you'll know where to go and when to get there. We are printing hundreds of schedules, handouts, meal passes, library passes, and gym passes. The PSAC board is stuffing hundreds of folders with information about the neighborhood and the school. We're buying scones and coffee for around 800 people, and setting out chairs all over Ida Noyes Hall, where we will be holding our sessions. We're confirming faculty speakers, notifying the parking lot that they will have more visitors, laminating signs, and telling the dining halls to cook more food. Dozens of tour guides are booked, lunch hosts are signed up, and sidewalk chalk has been bought to direct our guests to Ida Noyes.

What happens during these larger events that doesn't happen when you come for just a tour and an information session? We offer a wider variety of sessions, from pre-professional planning to community service. We serve breakfast and have a distinguished faculty member come to speak on the aims of a Chicago education (and they are very high aims, if I do say so myself.) We have more students and staff on hand to answer questions. The student panel at the end of the day is always a favorite.

But students can have an interview, visit classes, and do the tour and information session on any weekday. Seniors can also stay overnight on Thursday and Friday nights. For people coming from out of town, we offer Saturday tours, information sessions, and interviews in the fall. You are also welcome to make your own appointments with faculty, staff, and coaches, so that you can learn more about the parts of the university that interest you most. Plus, you may get more personal attention by visiting on a regular day. We have anywhere from 10 to 100 guests on our normal days, depending on the day of the week and the time of the year.

To schedule an interview or overnight, call 773-702-8650. There is no need to reserve space for a tour, information session, or class visit.