Thursday, December 21, 2006

What does my decision mean?

I was deferred. Is that a lot like being denied?

Not at all. Being deferred is our way of saying that we need more information, both about you and about the regular notification pool, before we can make a final decision.

How many deferred applicants are accepted for regular notification?

In recent years, between 18 and 27 percent of deferred candidates were offered admission. We have no way of telling what this year's new applicant pool will bring.

I was deferred, and I think that an interview with an alum would really help me out. How can I have one at this point?

We are offering alumni interviews only to early action candidates who were deferred and who requested an alumni interview before the October deadline and did not get to have one. Students who did not previously request an alumni interview cannot have one now--we just have too many interview requests for this to be possible. To inquire about an alumni interview for the regular notification round, email your admissions counselor.

My deferral letter said to update our files with new information. How can I do that?

The most common and convenient thing is to include any new information--including grades, classes added or dropped, or awards--in the midyear report, which will be available online in late January. If you have new writing samples or significant letters of recommendation, mail them to the office.

I was denied. Can I apply again for the regular notification cycle?

If you were denied, then you cannot apply again this year.

I want to know why I got the decision I got. Can someone in the office tell me that?

It is our general policy not to discuss admissions decisions with applicants or their parents. Our decisions are made during a careful reading of the entire contents of your application by three or more members of our committee.

Hello! I haven't gotten my decision yet!

If you haven't yet received an email or anything in the mail (we mailed last Friday), please email your full name and hometown to (me!) so that we can re-send your letter.

I was admitted. Do I have to do anything else?

All candidates, even if they were admitted early, must submit the midyear report in late January. We will email everyone about how this is done. Students who matriculate must also submit a final grade report by July 1.