Monday, December 18, 2006

A wise person once said

Wow, I leave my computer for 4 hours to go downtown to a sneak of We Are Marshall and the blog explodes (by the way, the movie was Velveeta cheesy, in a really bad offense to the kind souls from Huntington, West Virginia).

For those of you who received good news earlier (by post or by email), congratulations.

For those of you that did not receive the decision you had hoped for, I know it is hard to swallow (believe me, I've been there for deny letters...more than a few). However, at times like these I'm reminded of wisdom spoken by two people who have done this much longer than I. Firstly, in selective college admissions, the vast, vast majority of students can do competent work and succeed academically at the institutions at which they apply. It's not simply about the GPA, the rank or the test scores. Following from this, as a sage person once stated, "College admissions is a game not to be won, but instead a match to be made". Please keep this in mind as you proceed through the college search. Though you may not find a home at Chicago, realize that you will do great things and find a home some place amazing.

Finally, a quick aside. To those that think the email is just a scan of your original letter, I'm both pleased and hurt by that statement. I'm elated that you thought they imitated the letter so closely (indeed, that was the point). But, it's sad because Libby spent a lot of time creating them in our email program to look exactly like them, though they are not duplicates.

Anyway, here's to everyone getting some sleep and resuming normal proceedings in their daily lives...more work looms for us: Regular Notification.