Tuesday, January 02, 2007

UFO spotted over O'Hare, and other deadline mayhem

Here's the UFO story, courtesy of NPR.

The great thing about the digital information age is that inconsistencies in the information we publish (usually my fault) can be found immediately and discussed at great length on this blog and on College Confidential. Recently I've become aware that there's a little confusion about the deadline. The deadline to submit online materials (the application and essays) is tonight at midnight. Which midnight? There are 24 of them. You can submit your application on the latest midnight there is, in Baker Island in the Pacific, the last place the sun hits before it goes over the international date line. Read more here.

Also, students were discussing whether we award 20 or 30 College Honor Scholarships, our full-tuition scholarship. We award around 20, and they are renewable for four years. Students who were admitted early action will not hear about scholarship decisions until April.