Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Applications from around the world

... even if the applicants aren't necessarily.

This year I noticed a return to Pago Pago. I learned that Alaska has its own time zone -- Alaska Standard Time. People from the East Coast moved to California. People from California moved to Alaska, Baker Island, and Pago Pago. The last people clocked in at 6:21 a.m. CST, just after the sun rose.

I've just submitted my application to UChicago, and... I'll say it was submitted under Pacific time.
- Arshabh

Aida reporting here, live from Puerto Rico. -salute- I was just emailing you to let you know that I'll be applying under the Baker Island time zone. (Hey, it's a few more hours to review my application and freak out over the fact that "YES, I HAVE COMPLETED IT! OH GOSH!", so why not? :D)

I am writing to clarify that I applied from the time zone in Tegucigalpa, Honduras as opposed to my local time in Jerusalem, Israel. Thank you and have a happy new year.
- Ross

I'm pretty sure that at midnight east coast standard time you may receive quite a few emails. Because of this I am writing in advance to tell you that I am applying in Samoan time relative to the capital of the country, Apia. It is currently around 5:30 P.M., Tuesday, Jan. 2nd there. On a side note, you must really like coffee.
- Nina

I was visiting some relatives in Meyerton, Baker's Island, only to find that they were driven off by the Japanese 65 years ago. Bad luck, huh? Anyways, I'm sitting here on Baker's Island with a laptop and 6 hours until January 3rd and I decided to review my application. As a result, I wish to apply under the Baker's Island time zone and not the one of my mailing address. Thank you for your patience.
- Eating a giant box of Nerds to stay awake, Brian

Sorry to add to your workload this evening, but my name is Andrew, and I submitted my application to the University of Chicago at near about quarter of midnight, Eastern time, from New York. Just for the sake of being safe, would you just report me as having submitted from some exotic Pacific locale? Choose someplace that would be pleasant compared to Upstate New York in January, that would be appreciated.

I'm applying Boise time! (earlier than I thought...)
- Thanks, Weyam

My name is Mattias, and I will be applying under the Pago Pago time zone for U Chicago's Undergraduate admissions.

Hello Libby. My name is Bharat and I turned in my application before midnight in the time zone of Unalaska, Alaska because that is just an awesome name for a city.

This is just a note to tell you that I'm applying under the Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time Zone, because it's still 11:07 pm on January 2 in Adak, Alaska, although it's 4:08 am here in Virginia.
- Kelly

I'm applying under the Pago Pago timezone. (I hear there's lovely weather there.)
- Yvonne

I've submitted my application to UChicago in the last few minutes, and would ask that it be considered as submitted under the timezone of Alofi, Niue (UTC -11), where it is as of this writing 10:39 PM on January 2nd.
- Sean

Hello Libby! Although it is after midnight in Fresno, California, it is still January 2nd in Suva, Fiji located in the UTC-12 time zone.
- Emily

I just submitted my University of Chicago application at the conclusion of January 2nd, 2007 on Baker Island. It is a very nice island, but it is very lonely ;-).
- Jay