Monday, January 22, 2007

Answers to questions from the last post

Can we send in additional letters or anything of that sort if we were deferred? ... or... Since the midyear report is filled out online, how should I go about submitting supplemental material?

Yes, please do. Just send them to the regular address (using the regular forms, which are still available on our website), have recommendation letters emailed to (make sure the recommender includes a subject line and a file that is actually readable... and not a virus!) or faxed to 773-702-8599 (domestic fax) or 773-702-4704 (international fax).

If you have a few comments or awards to note, just put them in the appropriate section on the midyear report.

I took two classes last semester via dual enrollment from two different colleges. Will I be able to report those grades on the form, or will I need to send a copy of the transcripts?

The beauty of our midyear report is that you can report grades from multiple schools at once. Just type in the name of the institution and the grade.

Honestly, how big of a difference does the midyear report make for people who were deferred?

It makes a pretty big difference. One of the only differences between the way we read your application EA and the way we read your application RN--besides the existence of 7,000 more applications--is this midyear report. Nothing about the midyear report (or anything in the universe, even really big atoms) can guarantee that you are admitted RN, but it contains information that is very valuable to us.

How bad do our final grades have to be for us to get rescinded? Like how easy or hard is it to get rescinded?

It's pretty hard for your offer to get rescinded, but if you were planning on doing anything foolish with your life, please wait until after July 1 to do it.

Are the Bears the best team in football?

I believe so.