Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Exciting News for Applicants and their Younger Siblings

Those of you who are not yet regular readers of the Chicago Tribune might have missed this article yesterday about Chicago's bid to hold the Olympic Games in 2016. While that may quite a long way off (hence the "and their Younger Siblings" part of the title of this post), we still think it's quite exciting. (A password may be required to view the page, but registration is free.)

You should definitely click on the "photo gallery" section of the Tribune article. We hope you will be especially excited about the proposed temporary stadium and even more excited about its location - Washington Park! If you don't recognize the area from the picture, here's another view from Google Maps. It's all of six blocks from the Admissions Office.

Right now we are competing against Los Angeles for the support of the US Olympic Committee. Philadelphia and Houston have already dropped out. Assuming we are selected (and we think we should be!), our competition internationally may include Doha, Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires. We suspect we already have the coolest logo of the many cities submitting bids: