Friday, February 16, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Last week, a large cargo plane carrying billions of styrofoam peanuts blew up over Chicago, and this was the result. It resembles snow, but the truth is that the average temperature in Chicago during January and February is nearly 70 degrees F...

That little sign on the right says "Thin Ice -- Do not stand on it" or something, but we can plainly see that that is a bridge over absolutely nothing. No ice here!

Students from our award-winning Engineering School began to construct the large buildings we use for housing during winter quarter exam period so that students who live in the Shoreland and Broadview don't have to leave the quads between exams.

Obviously we lagged a bit with this post... it's funnier because it actually is around 50 degrees in Chicago right now, and all the snow has melted. Ah, memories.

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