Thursday, January 25, 2007

The journey continues... through the scanner

As of this morning, 3164 midyear reports have been submitted online! Great job, guys!

As a reward, we'll post the next installment of the Journey of an Admissions Credential. This one is entitled Part II: Revenge of the Scanner.

Remember all those documents and patch codes from the first installment? We bring them to the scanner and get them stacked up neatly. There are four scanners in the office running full-time, and we all take turns operating them. This batch looks ready to go!

Austin places them carefully into the scanning tray.

Whoops, a staple. We'll have to re-scan this one.

Though we are supposed to be watching your documents closely to make sure they scan correctly, Austin edifies himself with some light reading.

We also make use of the putting machine we got a few years ago.

Click here for a short video of credentials scanning. Fascinating.

The above two pictures are jokes. They may not be very funny jokes, but they are jokes nonetheless. We take our jobs very seriously.

We pushed back the date for opening the credentials site because, as you can see, we want to get as many credentials entered before we open it and subject ourselves to floods of phone calls and emails about missing documents.

If you're driving from Chicago to California, you aren't "lost" if you're in Utah. You're just not there yet. Similarly, if you see on the credentials website that there are some documents that haven't arrived yet, they aren't "missing" yet. Austin just hasn't scanned them.