Friday, January 26, 2007

Interactive Photographic Magical Mystery Campus Tour

Dear applicants and other loyal readers,

Libby and I have noticed that people seem to enjoy posts on this blog which involve photographs, so we were jointly inspired. We invite our readers to propose subjects for our blog posts next week, which Libby and I will then go out and photograph.

If, for example, you have never been to campus and you want to see what the Regenstein library really looks like (and you are unsatisfied with the offerings on the virtual tour website), or if you have never seen the Seminary Co-op (the world's greatest bookstore), or want to know what the campus looks like in January (hint - cold!), or what Bartlett dining hall looks like at noon, or most other reasonable suggestions, you can let us know and we will do our best to take pictures to show you. To provide with a source for your suggestions, here is a link to a very good map of the campus.

So, let us know what you want us to show you and we'll try to get to it next week.

-Austin and Libby