Friday, March 30, 2007

More information about the wait list

Answers to questions that came up on the last post:

How many wait list offers can I respond to?

One, or all... just make sure you put down a deposit at a college that has accepted you. If you are admitted to a waiting list after May 1 (which is when most colleges make their waiting list decisions), you will have to forfeit that deposit.

If waitlisted students follow your advice in this post, and accept another college's offer of admission and send in a deposit, how will we waitlisted students be able to accept a Uchicago offer of acceptance if it is given? Will we be obligated to pay the other college's tuition?

No, you will not. You only have to forfeit the deposit. But make sure to tell them you are withdrawing! A phone call will let you know how to do that... most colleges will require something in writing (including us).

And... Okay, why was I wait listed? (Or denied... or even admitted)

It is our policy to not discuss reasons for decisions with students or families. Decisions are made over the course of several months, by a committee of individuals, about thousands of applicants.

What should I send in now?

Send an email or letter to your admission counselor expressing interest. Keep sending these throughout the month of April... we want to hear from you so that we know you are still interested. If you have more grades, send them in.

How will this affect our consideration for financial aid?

It won't -- students who are admitted from the waiting list will get the same kinds of financial aid packages as students who were admitted outright.

How important are our 2nd semester grades going to be?

We will most probably make all admission decisions before the end of your second semester. But keep working, because we require a final transcript from all admitted students.