Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What we know

1. Decisions will come out before April 1.

2. They will be both mailed and emailed. This is new information to me, so it must be new to you! Before, we were just going to mail, but since we want you to have your decisions sooner rather than later, we will email as well.

We don't have a website that can accommodate posting decisions online.

That's all we know! You're welcome to your questions and wild speculations, but we can't provide any more information.

Something we can all do before decisions come out is read War and Peace. We have just enough time. I have a little head start -- I'm on page 800 on the Penguin edition, which is the one we use in the War and Peace class here, so it's the one I'm recommending. Maybe if we're all reading War and Peace, we won't keep refreshing the credentials page, which only updates once a day.