Monday, February 26, 2007

Midyears and incomplete applications

Besides participating in Olympic events, here's what we've been doing in the office.

We have many (many, many) paper midyears that we have scanned, but still have to link. The assistant directors have been deployed to do a lot of that this afternoon, so if you have sent a paper midyear, or you think your school did, those should be appearing in the next few days. After we are sure we have linked every single paper midyear, we will send another email to tardy midyear grade reporters.

If you have not yet reported your midyear grades for some reason, please log in and do so! Everyone needs to fill out this form, even if you have graduated, are in Timbuktu, etc. It takes five minutes!

Here is a tour of the midyear report.

If you reported provisional midyear grades and now have a corrected midyear grade report (that is different from the provisional grades you reported), you were not supposed to do that! But it's okay -- email me at and ask for your midyear report to be unlocked so that you can submit it again. Be sure to provide your full name.

And now, credentials... many people got an email last week telling them to check their credentials online and see what was missing. We sent this to all students who do not have one of the required elements: most often an application fee, but also test scores, at least one teacher recommendation, transcript, counselor recommendation, an essay, etc.

Of course, this has caused a little surge in the amount of mail, email, and faxes we get. We are hard at work scanning and linking the documents we've received. Many of you who have faxed something in may notice that it takes a few days for it to show up on the website. Human eyes check each piece that comes in to make sure it goes to the right file, and that it's the right thing. Patience and non-panic are both virtues that are utterly necessary in the college admissions process.

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