Friday, March 09, 2007

What else we know

There's not much that's new to report. It's getting warmer and sunnier (in the 50's this week) and the students are nearing exam week and spring break. This winter, I took a course at the public policy school on public policy and higher education. If you want to talk about the economics of financial aid, we can talk about the economics of financial aid. The final exam is next Friday.

To clear up something from the last post: scholarship decisions and admissions decisions will be sent on the same day. Scholarship winners who were admitted early action will get just the award. Scholarship winners who are being admitted regular notification will get their admit packet and the award. Something that people have requested over the years is that students who did not win scholarships get letters informing them that they did not win, so that they do not wait for an award in the mail. This is not something we're going to do this year. Scholarship winners will be notified that they have won, but scholarship non-winners will not be notified that they have not won.

Does that make sense?

Since it's getting warmer, the admissions staff has been venturing out a little more. Last weekend, some of us went to see Australian dance ensemble Chunky Move at the Museum of Contemporary Art. If you're planning a visit to campus, definitely go see the MCA's Rudolf Stingel exhibit or a performance. I'm also excited about seeing The Sparrow, a new play by the House Theater, which is extending its run at Steppenwolf. You may not have heard of this play, but it has taken Chicago by storm. If you want to see it, reserve tickets now for your trip... it'll be sold out very soon! Kate and Jon are going to see The Strangerer at Theater Oobleck--Camus' The Stranger meets the 2004 Presidential Debates.