Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Even more on the wait list

Now that the April 15 deadline to respond to the waiting list has passed, here are a few more tidbits.

Visiting campus

Our decision to accept students off of the waiting list will not be contingent on whether or not they have visited campus. If you will be on campus anyway, you are welcome to come in for a tour and information session, and ask to speak to your counselor or the counselor on duty. If your admissions counselor is unavailable, there is always a counselor on duty.

Housing and financial aid

If you are admitted from the waiting list, you will be treated the same as any student who was admitted outright. Housing is guaranteed for all four years, and you will receive the same sort of financial aid package you would have received in the first place.

Contact us

If you have not yet emailed your admission counselor expressing interest, you should do so as soon as you can. We won't always be able to respond, but we are forwarding your emails to your file. If you are concerned that your counselor has not responded to you, send your emails to questions@phoenix.uchicago.edu